KI-BROS is primarily a video production company producing high-quality video materials. KI-BROS has built a solid reputation for its commitment to endeavor to exceed client expectation. With high expertise in various levels of video making, 3D animation and 2D animation, KI-BROS has successfully carved out a niche in the Omani market and has won the trust of a number of high-profile organizations.

KI-BROS excels in studio work, especially integrating live-action footages with computer graphics, opening the door to infinite creativity.

Yasir Al-Kiyumi

• KI-BROS Co-Founder
• Creative Director
• 3D Artist
• Lighting Engineer


Dawood Al-Kiyumi

• KI-BROS Co-Founder
• Creative Director
• Cinematographer
• Editor & Compositor
• Matte Painter

Suleiman Al-Masoudi

• Production Manager
• Screenwriter

Osamah Al-Rasbi

• Screenwriter
• Pre-production Designer
• Communication